Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For one day only - Operation Relentless

Avon and Somerset Police are trying to round up criminals who "deliberately try [] to escape justice". No shit, Sherlock! How many criminals ever seek justice?

If "the operation [is] in addition to and not instead of normal daily policing", what do the "hundreds of officers" not do on other days?


HSBguzzler said...

'kin 'ell. Is it really news that they are doing their job, or is it an indication that they werent doing it correctly before.
Next week 'Baker bakes a cake' shocker.

alfie said...

Do you reckon they actually have a plod focus group to think up apprpriate 'Operation' names...

'Operation RELENTLESS' for God's sake.

'Relentless' for a whole day catching criminals....... and then the next day start harassing motorists again.

You just couldn't make it up.