Wednesday, November 02, 2005

David Blunkett Resigns

There should only be one name on Tony Blair's list of possible replacements for David Blunkett now that he has left Government in disgrace again, Frank Field MP.

Frank has already been asked to "think the unthinkable" once and now that Tony Blair openly rues about reforms not going far enough, Frank is the natural choice.


alfie said...

I agree. I met Frank a few months ago. We wrote to him telling him of a project we are trying to get off the ground - and one of our guys lives in his Birkenhead constituency. We wrote telling him that the Ministry of Transport (for whom our idea was aimed at) was totally blanking us.

Within 2 days we had a reply - he said he would come round to see us that week. Within a week of that meeting, we had the Transport guys grovelling allover us.

But Blair will not choose him a) because he knows the subject too well - and Blair will never employ someone that actually might know what they are doing. b) Blair sacked him previously for telling it like it was and is. Blair wants sychophants around him - pure and simple. Expect another Scottish poodle to be installed or the awful but Blairite Milburn, or the Blairite Liar-Byers to make a speedy appearance to the cabinet.....

Bishop Hill said...

Bloggers for Frank Field anyone?

Janet said...

I just found your site completely by accident -- and I have to admit that, hidden away as I am in my office, I didn't even know that Blunkett had resigned until I read your piece!

VERY interesting blog, which I'll come back and read from time to time. I'm an American living in Oxfordshire -- for just shy of 3 years now -- and sometimes I use my blog as a place to talk about my experiences here. Feel free to drop by!



Snafu said...

Alfie, you were right, Tony Blair looked at the choice before him and chose John Hutton. Who!?! So much for radical reform!

Janet, welcome to the blog! I'll certainly add Lord Celery to the blog roll. Why that particular name!?!

stuart said...

Frank Field is also pro-gun (I heard him speak at a rally in Trafalgar Square in 96 opposing the Great Gun Grab) so he'll never get anywhere in Toni-crony land, more's the pity