Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not rueing the day

Tony Blair hopes MPs "do not rue the day" they rejected his call to allow police to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without charging them.

The fault lies with the Police. They should have made a stronger case for requiring such a massive increase from 14 days. Which terror suspects have previously been held for fourteen days only to be released before all the evidence was available? Why was 60 days not an option?

The real scandal is that 90 days is the equivalent of a six month sentence! When will a six month sentence mean 180 days again?

Michael Howard does himself no favours by calling for Tony Blair to resign. It just cheapens the political drama of last night.


Daniel said...

90 days is equivalent to a six month sentence

Why is that? I've heard people say so but i don't get why.

Snafu said...

Daniel, Anyone sentenced to less than a year in prison is automatically released half way through their sentence!

Alison said...

Keeping terrorists off the street for 90 days was as compelling a case as i needed to hear. Abusing recent powers made the government and the police look stupid which is where they screwed up on this. The conservatives should have set about challenging the government/police on this rather than attacking the detention bill. The conservatives have no real voice and are always bitterly disappointing.

Snafu said...

Alison, "Keeping terrorists off the street for 90 days was as compelling a case as I needed to hear". Who says they are terrorists? If the Police already 'know' they are terrorists based upon clear evidence, why have they not already been charged?

If 90 days is a good idea, why not improve it further and make it 180? Or is 180 days too long? I'm personally happy with the 28 day compromise despite the party politicking. It does give the Police more time to find compelling evidence of a terror plot although I would hope the evidence is quite overwhelming before a suspect is held. What's to guarantee that the Police will not abuse this power?

"The conservatives have no real voice and are always bitterly disappointing." I totally agree and this is inspite of a Government in deep disarray. Michael Howard's call for Tony Blair to resign was laughable and showed his opportunistic naivety. Thank god he has already resigned!

PS I hope you forgive me if I sound almost liberal!!