Thursday, November 03, 2005

David v Goliath

David Davis and David Cameron will be appear on a special edition of Question Time this evening. Whilst it may be interesting for some Conservative stalwarts, will the rest of the country make an effort to watch it!?!

Should the BBC even be broadcasting this Conservative 'love in' for the benefit of 300,000 Conservative Party members on BBC1!?!


Toque said...

I though that Davis came out of that very well.

Cameron has no substance and relies on rehersed soundbites like Blair - maybe that's what the Tories are looking for though.

Snafu said...

Toque, I agree. It was notable that three Conservative members of the audience even attacked Cameron for the shallowness of his arguments!

I had hoped someone would also ask the question "Do you think it's right that 9/10ths of the UK population are run by a cabal of Scottish and Welsh MPs despite the Conservatives winning more votes in England than anyone else?"

James Hellyer said...

I think it was the right thing for the BBC to show this. Even if you think the only people who would be interested are Conservative Party members, whoever he turns out to be (and I hope it's not Cameron), the new Leader of the Opposition will play a significant role in the political life of this country over the coming years, and that means their identity should be of interest to everyone.