Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fat chance of rebate

Will there be a fat tax rebate for people denied NHS treatment as they are too fat?

If fat people are disqualified as their condition is invariably "self-inflicted", will A&E treatment for drunks also be rationed?


Anonymous said...

..not to mention smokers, people with genetic diseases (whose parents consciously took the decision to have in spite of the potential health implications), and anyone else who can in any way be blamed for their own affliction. I wonder who will end up being eligible for NHS treatment which we all have to pay for - politicians perhaps?

Stevo in Taichung said...

Yep, had a few experiences in casualty after getting injured at rugby when the quacks have treated me like I did something illegal. If I had been rushed in weighing 300lbs after a heart attack they would have been fussing over me like stink on shit. The white coated fucks.