Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Weather or not?

The weather forecast is apparently too complicated for the British population to understand, despite being a national obsession.

The Met. Office is to start using simpler terms to explain the weather such as ""patchy rain" rather than "showery outbreaks" and "warm for most", rather than "chilly in isolated areas".

Why can't they make forecasts "clearer and more relevant" simply by saying "take an umbrella" or "wrap up well" as appropriate?


wonkotsane said...

They've also advised presenters not to give an opinion on the weather as good weather for some is bad for others. They cited hot days as an example - good for most people, bad for farmers.

Stevo in HCM said...

For Northern England why don't they say simply "that it will be pissing down all weekend"?

dearieme said...

I liked the Paxman weather forecasts "Showers: well what do you expect, it's April".