Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dutch to ban the Burka?

The Times reports that the Netherlands are expecting to ban the Burka in public places such as "in shops, public buildings, cinemas, train and bus stations and airports, as well as on trains and buses" as they are claimed to be a "threat to security".

Iroincally, Home Office Minister Paul Goggins was recently asked to give an example of an offence under the proposed Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill. Publishing posters suggesting that Burkas could be used to conceal weapons was his response!


HSBGuzzler said...

I am starting to feel like a sitting duck in my own country.
I pay an exorbitant amount of tax towards the organisation and implementation of security measures in this country, and yet these authorites seem unwilling to protect me for fear of upsetting a foreign culture.
Have the authorities forgotten who their loyalties should lie with?

wonkotsane said...

The Dutch are reaching the end of their tether with immigrants. They are being over-run with Turks apparently.