Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birmingham Riots (2)

When West Midlands Police find the Pirate radio station responsible for broadcasting the rape claim that led to the Birmingham riots, will they be charged with "incitment to racial hatred"?

Unless the radio station has a sign outside saying "Pirate Radio station here", could the Police find it? The Cuddles Massage Parlour had a shopfront display to help Police find it!


wonkotsane said...

They can track it down when it's broadcasting. The signal can be pin-pointed to within a few feet using three arials. It's called triangulation. The only thing that's stopping them is motivation. Only white people are racist.

Anonymous said...

Oh christ, imagine if I had been a white DJ calling for action against the Black or Asian community! Damn he would be in a cell faster than you can say "why didn't the police jump on this earlier.. maybe cause they we're sacred.. of being racist!"