Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fraud and error

Why has it taken eight years for Labour to realise that the array of disability benefits are "crackers" and the housing benefits system is a "nightmare"? Haven't they noticed the further complexity Gordon Brown adds on budget day each year!?!

Responding to the £3bn annual cost of benefit fraud and error, costing the taxpayer a penny on income tax, James Plaskitt, Anti-Fraud Minister says that "Estimated error accounts for around 2% of all benefits paid". How does he know? The DWP was unable to find supporting documents for 106 out of 800 incapacity benefit cases checked by the National Audit Office suggesting an error rate of 13%

The BBC claims that overall benefit spending is just £109bn. However, this excludes Gordon's latest method of wealth redistribution, tax credits, administered independently by the Inland Revenue.


Admin said...

To be fair to Blunkett he does tend to get things done. In the Home Office that meant adding hundreds of official bodies to the list of official bodies. But he notices the problem nevertheless!

Noticing this problem, he will probably now busy himself with setting up enough methods of tracing fraud so that he can spend the money that would otherwise be wasted on fraud...

Anonymous said...

Disabilty benefits are nothing more than a government sponsored savings scheme. Crippled in an industrial accident 29 years ago, I've had my "benefits" stopped on average once every 3 years; there then follows a lengthy appeal process (including humiliating 'eaxaminations' by Quacks hired by the DSS) and 18 months later, payments are restored again. Until next time.

Believe me I'd sooner have my leg back than have to crawl to these petty Gauleiters for a handout.