Saturday, October 15, 2005

Asylum chaos

A Zimbabwean "asylum seeker" whose claim was "fraudulent" and whose dealings with the UK authorities "deliberately dishonest" has been allowed to remain in the UK. The Times highlights all the lies the asylum seeker made to remain in the UK.

Why does Shadow Home Secretary David Davis think the court decision was right? He is merely being opportunistic.

As the UK does the border Zimbabwe, his claim should have been rejected on the grounds that he should have claimed asylum in a country that neighbours Zimbabwe. What's wrong with the "people's republic" of South Africa?


wonkotsane said...

His claim was dishonest but should we be responsible for sending him back to Zimbabwe knowing that there is a very good chance he's going to be persecuted, maybe even tortured and killed? Sure, he shouldn't be our responsibility because he shouldn't have been here in the first place but he did come here and to send him back wouldn't be humane.

HSBguzzler said...

If I were to dishonestly break into someones house to escape a perceived life-threatening situation on the streets, should that person feel obliged to look after me in that house from then on after?

Snafu said...

Wonko, do we let anyone with the imagination to create a Zimbabwean sob stroy into the UK?

The Times highlights that he never was a political activist, he has simply come to the UK for a better life. His application should have been refused as he should have claimed asylum elsewhere.

Any other Zimbabweans now have a green light to claim asylum in the UK regardless of whether they are at risk of persecution.

Gary Monro said...

If a person leaves Zimbabwe to claim asylum but is returned to Zimbabwe then the Zimbabwean authorities are, it appears, targetting such asylum-seekers for a little bit of extra Mugabe-love.

This is the reasoning behind not sending the fraudster back home.

My reasoning is that if a fraudulent applicant leaves Zimbabwe he is knowingly making himself a potential target in his home country - and should therefore face the consequences of his own making.

Otherwise, every single Zimbabwean who can raise the fare could simply hop over on a one-way flight to the UK safe in the knowledge that, once here, we won't send them back because we know what Mugabe will do to them.