Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scotland can see clearly now

Will English taxpayers be subsidising free eye tests for everyone in Scotland from 2007 yet still be expected to pay for their own eye tests?

If Scotland can afford free eye tests, is the Barnett formula a 'little' too generous!?!


Anonymous said...

Scotland is also evidently expanding its borders into Cumbria:

- The "big supermarkets" in Carlisle proudly pronounce over their produce "grown/raised/made in Scotland".
- We get a whole host of Scottish Executive (propaganda) adverts on the TV.
- Southwaite services pronounces itself as the gateway to Scotland, although it is (was) several miles south of the border.

Hopefully I'll get the free-eye check ups here in Cumbria too...

Snafu said...

Anonymous, I suspect you'll need to prove your Scottish to qualify for a free eye check in Scotland. They couldn't possibly let the English benefit from their generosity!

The Welsh Assembly is already trying to crack down on English "health tourism" as Welsh prescription charges will be totally abolished by 2007.

"We do not want to subsidise the English health system" - First Minister Rhodri Morgan.

Anonymous said...

It was the same when they had the adverts for Baxters soup on telly, they always showed rolling hills with heather and all that shit, the soup was piss as well.

Anonymous said...

Scottish North Sea Oil revenue has definitely been most generous to the surly, ungrateful brats south of the border, but we magnanimous and wonderful Scots don't expect any thanks for our generosity. £13bn Scottish oil revenues this year and a London Olympics coming up - how convenient!