Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Benefits of electoral fraud

When is electoral fraud acceptable? When it increases the size of the electoral roll!

The Government does not want to introduce individual voter registration as it would "lead to a fall in the number of registered voters". When would reducing fraud ever increase voter registrations?

Requiring a National Insurance number to register, as used in Northern Ireland, is an excellent method for reducing fraud. However, it will not reduce it entirely. There are still 72m National Insurance numbers in existence whilst the UK population is just 60m!


Serf said...

Some of those will of course be expats.

wonkotsane said...

I was unemployed through illness a few years back and hadn't paid enough national insurance contributions to receive income support or incapacity (thank you welfare state) so I had to sign on for unemployment benefit. I confused a digit on my national insurance number at the job centre and they paid me using it for a few months before anyone noticed.