Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birmingham Riots

Will the murder of Isiah Young-Sam be given the same prominence as the murder of Anthony Walker by the BBC?

There was a "racial element to the crime that makes it different", "In addition, there was a planning and premeditation in the murder".

"Three cars pulled up with between 10 and 11 men inside." and "The men got out of the cars armed with knives and attacked Isiah and his friends." The attackers also tried to disguise themselves.

Why is the BBC unable to say that Isiah Young-Sam was killed in a racist attack?


wonkotsane said...

Mate, only black people are racist. It was probably an accident or high spirits. Give it a few days and I'm sure someone will prove that it's all the fault of white men and demand some more money to set up some more focus groups.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is Anti White and I object to having to pay for it...Im From Brum and they are already asking for more money to be "Poured" into the Area....Its getting beyond a joke now..