Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'Big Beast' poached

Excellent news for the Conservative Party. "Big Beast" Ken Clarke has been knocked out of the Conservative leadership contest.

With the Conservative 'right' candidates, David Davis and Liam Fox, beating the Conservative 'left' candidates by ten votes in total, does the future promise clear blue water between Labour and the Conservatives?

It would be a travesty if the Conservative 'left' won!


DV said...

I fully agree but I'm disturbed to read so many conservatives have swallowed the media DC spin. They may well embrace a liberal Blair wannabe to get into power. Fox and Davis are the men the BBC hate and they are the men I support.

chris said...

but no matter how far to the right, especially on economic grounds, the Conservatives go New Labour will claim to be the same. Look at the last election, the Conservatives would announce something then 2 weeks later New Labour would announce something that that sounded identical (but then never implemented it).

However if the conservatives declared they where going to restore ancient rights like Habeus Corpus protest in Parliment Square, fox hunting, or get rid of ID Card that is truely ground that New Labour would fear to tread.