Monday, October 03, 2005

Furrowed brows

If Welsh farmers are threatening to prevent the Army from training on their land in protest at the Government's fox hunting ban, will they also start refusing Government and EU subsidies for their produce?


Devil's Kitchen said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, Snafu, they don't actually have to "produce" anything to get subsidies these days; they just have to own some land, and keep it pretty for the fwuffy bunnies and the chirruping skylarks and the tourists...


Snafu said...

DK, I didn't feel I could just say that the farmers were sitting around doing nothing!

It's not even as though they need to plan for inheritance tax as farms are exempt!

Gary Monro said...

On the one hand not co-operating with the military is getting too close to treason for my liking.

On the other hand, defending the British way of life - which hunting is an integral part of - is an act of undiluted patriotism.

So I am both scathing and admiring of the Welsh action. Is this what Orwell meant by doublethink?