Monday, October 17, 2005

Speeding fines

Brake, the Road Safety group, wants speeding fines to be doubled as insurance companies no longer penalise drivers caught speeding with increased insurance premiums according to The Times.

If market led insurance premiums do not increase with three, six or even nine points, it suggests that insurance companies take the view drivers have been "unlucky" getting caught and do not represent an increased danger to themselves or others.


chris said...

But speed cameras are not simply a revenue raising measure that has nothing to do with road safety and decreasing the risk of accident. Of course not.

wonkotsane said...

No, they're all about preventing speeding. That's why they objected to the AA publishing their location. If the driver knows there's a speed camera in the area they'll slow down but then they won't get caught. Now I'm confused, perhaps I'm gulible?

Stevo in Taichung said...

"Brake" why do all these groups have to think up topical acronyms for their organisations? like the anti smoking lobby group Ash and the American group mothers against drink drivers or MADD as they're known?
Pity there is no "Cambridgshire urologists national trust" you could have some fun with that one.

Snafu said...

Cambridge University New Testament Society?