Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't Panic

Following the discovery of the deadly form of Avian Flu in Turkey, the Government has asked the public not to panic. This would be more plausible if senior Labour politicians and John Prescott were not already priority cases for the vaccination.

Why has the Government only bought enough vaccinations for 25% of the population? What about the other 75%?


alfie said...

Well, obviously, the Welsh and Scots will have their shots. Then the vitally important government machine - they'll all have to have their shots as well. That just leaves - the English population - shotless! (Well there's a surprise)

No matter, Rochdale's Granny Perkins and her wonder cure 'Patented Bird Flu Horse Tonic' will do the trick. Just rub it on, kiss a toad, dance naked around a sacred oak tree - and you'll be cured. Or dead, or locked up.

But no need to worry, the fabric of life will not fall apart because the good old Scottish Raj will have shots galore! Hoorah!

Snafu said...


If they leave the English to die, who will be left to pay for the Scots and Welsh!?!

Wat Tyler said...

I wouldn't worry Snaf- these jabs aren't going to work anyway. I'd chop the budgie though.

Albeytar said...

Just a technical point - it is not a vaccination they're talking about. It is an anti-viral chemical that comes in a capsule and not as a 'shot'. You're in bad company cos the BBC gets it wrong too.