Friday, October 14, 2005

Scottish Travel Expenses

Why hasn't BBC Scotland political correspondent Glenn Campbell given the expense claims of Liberal Democrat MSP Keith Raffan the same amount of scrutiny as the expense claims of Conservative MSP David McLetchie?

Keith Raffan has had £6,000 deducted from his pension until irregularities in his expenses are explained. His mileage claim was also double that of any other MSP!


Edwin Greenwood said...

Is Scottish travel expenses a euphemism for a type of dishonest behaviour, like Spanish customs?

Snafu said...

Or going Dutch?

It certainly sounds like it should be!

Phil C said...

Faqr be it for me to rush to the Beeb's defence, but not only are we apparently dealing with a former LibDem MSP versus a sitting Conservative MSP, but the sitting Tory MSP is also the leader of the Tories in the Scottish Parliament while the LibDem hed no analogous position. It's probably best that some extra attention be focused in this instance.

Snafu said...

Phil C, That's a fair point, however, it would appear that the LibDem expense claims were a little more creative.

Claiming mileage in Scotland whilst actually being on a two day beano to the Isle of Man is more "creative" than claiming travel costs for a Conservative Party conference that were not allowable.