Monday, September 05, 2005

The veneer of law and order

Should people really be shocked by how quickly law and order has collapsed in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina?

It has reduced people to the first rung of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, they need food, water and shelter. Only when these most basic of needs have been met will safety and security become important again.

Katrina has peeled away the veneer of law and order in New Orleans.


lascivious said...

Perhaps if there were fewer guns in America, there wouldn't be people shooting at police helicopters who were trying to rescue them. It really was a case of animal instincts ruling over civilised behaviour, to the point where the logical solution to the problem was surpassed. I wonder if the same would happen in the UK?

Astolath said...

Remember that stampede at the opening of an Ikea store in Edmonton back in February?

Never mind being 'Four meals away from Anrchy', we're one bargain sale away from it!

Interesting article at:

MI5 reckon we're nearly there too...

lascivious said...

Oh yeah I remember the Ikea thing. I was in Switzerland at the time and completely amazed by how stupid people can be. I thought it was a wind up at first, but it was scarely true. Why did people riot over cheap crap?

Snafu said...

That was quite bad. People were leaving their cars on the main road to fight for the bargains!!

Some Ikea furniture is ok, it wouldn't be so successful if they only sold crap. It's not Ratners!!

Stevo in HCM said...

I was in IKEA in Singapore the other week and they were having a sale, absolute bedlam, I left after looking thru the entrance, how men can get involved in that kind of shit is beyond me.

Stuart said...

"Perhaps if there were fewer guns in America,.."

Here we go again! It might have escaped your attention, but St. Toni's benevolent administration has banished forever the very notion of firearms in GB - to the extent of armed Plods swooping on childrens toys.

The problem is, none of the real criminals (the people who would shoot at helicopters, loot, rape etc.) have failed to pay any attention, and British many cities have become since like Chicago in the 1930's. So yes, it could and would happen in the UK