Monday, September 05, 2005


One in five schools is struggling to find a head teacher this year. Why?

Are potential head teachers realising that the increased responsibilities and work load are greater than the higher pay offered? If schools were able to set pay levels locally, the vacancies could be filled.

Why are the researchers not as concerned about the under-representation of men (30%) in primary school leadership roles as they are with "[the] slight improvement in the ethnic balance at assistant head level."?

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BigRedOne said...

There are genuinely more than enough people who want to teach, train for it, and are then put off by having to be ersatz-parents as well as teachers and all that goes with it.

Not that the government and its manifold agencies help themselves. An acquaintance of mine had finished his job as a police officer and wanted to get is PGCE to then teach at a primary school. He was summarily told that people like him weren't high on the list and anyway, they were oversubscribed and wouldn't he like to try again next year?
Now he's working in a solicitors and is as happy as a pig in the proverbial.