Sunday, September 18, 2005

Racial Ghettos

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), effectively admits that immigrant integration has failed in the UK according to a report in The Sunday Times. "The fact is we are a society which, almost without noticing it, is becoming more divided by race and religion. We are becoming more unequal by ethnicity."

Such comments suggest that whilst politicians have embraced the benefits of immigration over many decades, many ordinary people have not been so keen to follow their lead. How else can you explain "fully-fledged ghettos — literal black holes"?

Why does Trevor Phillips not consider a restriction on further immigration to the UK as one means of preventing more ghettos in the future?


HSBguzzler said...

For me the crux of the argument for immigration is: do people from different cultures like living among other cultures. If the answer is no, they prefer to live within their own culture, then why are we forcing people in this country to co-exist and then expecting them to tolerate it. Surely all other benefits of immigration are irrelevant if this first question isnt ‘yes’, or is my logic faulty?

Mike Cunningham said...

As I read while browsing A Tangled Web, who posted on the same subject, the requirement should be that the migrants should accept British culture and traditions as the norm, and become assimilated in that fashion.

Not much chance of that, then!

Gary Monro said...


I mailed the Commission for Racial Equality once and asked them to list the benefits of immigration. I never received an answer to that question.

The biggest problem with asking immigrants to accept British values is that those values are in decline amongst the indiginous people anyway. The liberal-left's project to abolish Britain and all it's ever stood for is succeeding. Sad to say, if the immigrant abandoned his culture there would be very little to replace it. We are turning ourselves into a sterile and characterless nation.

It's very depressing.

Stevo in HCM said...

I remember when the Pakistanis first started coming to my neck of the woods up North, they invariably wanted to live in areas with the old style big Victorian terraced houses which had attics and cellars and loads of rooms. This way several families could share the cost and beds etc as the men would usually work shfts at the mills and the facilities at home could be shared 24 hours a day.
The word Ghetto is hardly correct as no one herded them into these areas and forced them to live there.

The Sparky said...
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The Sparky said...
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Astolath said...

He's taken a lot of flack from all quarters for this claim, mainly because there's very little evidence to back it up...

What is this 'liberal-left project to abolish Britain'? Not heard of it, but I'm always interested in conspiracy theories!

As for the last comment, I won't dignify it with a reply.

I know that your views are coming from the right of centre SNAFU, but do you really want to give a voice to the fascist race-hate brigade on your blog?

Even if you can get past the poor design, dodgy grammar, bad maths and historical naivete - surely no reasonable person, even with concerns about immigration, wants to be associated with that lot?

Snafu said...

Astolath, apologies for the "poor design, dodgy grammar, bad maths and historical naivete" of my blog, however, the only comments I delete from my blog are spam comments.

I certainly don't feel that I am giving a voice to the "fascist race-hate brigade".

Astolath said...

No - I wasn't refering to your site SNAFU. I was refering to the one posted above - the Sean Bryson (whoever he is?) site. Follow the link an you'll see what I mean.

I've said it before, we don't always agree, but I hope there's some sort of mutual respect and an attempt at intelligent dialogue between us.

It's the nazis that I've got it in for, not you - honest!