Friday, September 09, 2005

Cold Turkey (2)

"By welcoming Turkey we will demonstrate that Western and Islamic cultures can thrive together as partners in the modern world - the alternative is too terrible to contemplate" - Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary.

Is Jack Straw implying that if Turkey does not join the European Union, there is a threat of more Islamic extremism throughout Europe? The recent London terrorist bombings were apparently linked to British involvement in Iraq rather than a reaction to anti-Muslim feeling in the UK.


Jon said...

Its a very absolutist position he is taking - either nations join in formalised union together or civilisation will rip itself apart.

I suppose its a natural extension of logic for those that believe the line that the EU is the reason for peace in Europe. Its also a great way to remove any arguments against Turkey joining (for which their are many) - just say its all in the name of peace.

Snafu said...

John, that's a good point.

Jack Straw implies that a gun is being held to the head of the European Union.

wonkotsane said...

I'm all for embracing Turkey - let's embrace Chicken and Duck too. They've all got as much relevence to world peace.