Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Labour, old responses

"We have got to listen to the people and respond wisely and sensibly", Tony Blair, May 2005 - by removing hecklers.

Who were the Police really protecting when they prevented the 82 year old heckler from re-entering the conference using anti-terrorism legislation?

Were Conservatives heavy handed when Michael Howard was heckled and secretly filmed by the BBC for their programme "The history of heckling"?


Kevin said...

Welcome to democracy Labour Style.

Their can be no reason for man handling an 82 year old man just for heckling.

HSBguzzler said...

It didnt take long for the 'anti-terrorism' laws to be misused. They appear to be a further erosion of civil liberties rather than the most effective way of tackling Islamic terrorism.

Snafu said...

HSBGuzzler, it's ironic that these laws can prevent re-entry to the Labour party conference but are apparently useless against threats from the Animal Liberation Front.

Mike Cunningham said...

The sad and dissgusting scenes from the Labour conference hall are a symbol of the super-management techniques instituted by the Labour hierarchy to make their Party appear more electable.
Gone are the hilarious but truthful scenes on the floor of the old-style Labour party conferences with hecklers, fights and strong-arm tactics, because they didn't suit the image-makers!
As I posted on my own blogsite, the newly re-launched Labour Party, are preparing to re-launch their party and banner, and it might not surprise any who click across to find out what the new name and banner are!