Monday, September 26, 2005

Artistic Freedom of Expression

Are there any boundaries to artistic freedom of expression? Tate Britain now seems think there are. It has removed an "exhibit" as it may offend Muslims because it features a bisected Koran.

Why didn't Tate Britain consider the feelings of Christians and Jews as the exhibit also included a severed Bible and Talmud?

PS If you enjoy Black British Art, you may enjoy this course at the Tate "Consider[ing] the importance of issues of sexuality within the black art movements of the 1980s and the feminist and gay challenge posed by Lubaina Himid, Sutapa Biswas and Isaac Julien"


Gavin Ayling said...

If Tate Britain starts to limit freedom of expression it is setting a dangerous precedent... The Tate Modern is filled with such rubbish that if we restricted freedom of expression in art to "real art" they'd have to close... A shame, as that bridge is pretty and wouldn't be crossed often otherwise...

Astolath said...

Got to agree here - seems daft on the face of it. There haven't even been any complaints have there - it was a purely preemptive (cowardly!) act on behalf of the Tate Britain management.

Sack 'em and give the job to someone with some balls!

Snafu said...

Gavin, at least the bridge no longer wobbles! I also agree on the level of rubbish housed at the Tate Modern. How anyone can be proud of their exhibited works there is beyond me!

Astolath, on what basis could the staff be sacked under existing legislation!?! ;)