Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not stupid

MPs will be shocked to discover that the British public aren't as stupid as they thought they were.

Despite fee-charging ATMs making up 40% of the total ATM network, only 5% of total transactions and 3% of all cash withdrawals used them. This confounds recent Treasury Select Committee controversy that fee-charging ATMs duped the public into using them by offering "free" balance inquiries yet charged for cash withdrawals.

Maybe the public can recognise fee-charging ATMs and only use them when their need for cash is greater than the fee!


The Fringe said...

I have just regained the most miniscule fleck of respect for the British public... this is a special day for me.

[tries to blow into own eyes and fans them with hand while looking up and occasionally biting lower lip to fight back the tears]

Snafu said...

Maybe Labour's educational achievements are genuine!

Gavin Ayling said...

And that includes the deliberate withdrawals where normally frugal people like me use them when we think "Do you know what, I am going to waste £1.50 of my money to avoid going out in the rain".

I hang my head in shame!