Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Housing crisis

Have the 1.1m immigrants who have arrived in Britain in the decade to 2001 contributed to the current housing crisis?

The BBC evidence suggests economic migrants are better for the economy than those seeking asylum or refugee status. Should economic migration be encouraged at the expense of those seeking asylum?


wonkotsane said...

I'd rather have immigrants that come here to work rather than immigrants that come here to claim benefits.

HSBguzzler said...

Yes Wonkotsane and Id rather be shot in the leg than in the head.

Whatever box or title you associate with the immigrants coming into this country, the fact remains that we are letting more of them in than ever.
The policy of mass immigration seems to be solely for economic reasons, without regard for the social consequences.
Why do we need to expand the population at a time when housing in this country is overstretched, the transport network is overstretched and there is genuine concern about the proposed further erosion of our countryside?

Snafu said...

HSBGuzzler, I don't think we're supposed to notice these pressures!!

Meanwhile the BBC only highlights the threat to the English countryside of housing more people!

alfie said...

Economic growth should be organic - and not short term boom and bust, courtesy of a failed policy of mass immigration based on a philosophy of cheap labour.

Look at Norway for instance - their standard of living is much higher than ours - and their population is balanced and content ........ All 4 million of them! They enjoy fantastic social services, great transport infrastructure - and the whole country does not grind to a standstill when the first snow flake of the winter falls. Their workforce are intelligent, well educated and well adjusted people.

Their Government serve THEIR people - even accepting their vote not to join the EC.

Contrast their lives with ours - fed by a snivelling propaganda machine via the BBC, we are fed lie upon lie. A transport system that's an utter joke - and a healthcare system that's a laughing stock.

For an experiment, I wanted to see if I was eligible to emigrate to Australia. I went on the Australia House web site. From the questions they asked me it was obvious I had no chance - they didn't want my skills. Contrast that with our country accepting flotsam and jetsum from far and wide - to do crap jobs, while a huge proportion of the indigenous population lounge around under the excuse of sickness and disability.