Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fuel protests are futile

The BBC is no doubt revelling in it's "Public Service Broadcaster" role by spreading the "Don't Panic" message to petrol and diesel users across the UK. They certainly failed yesterday though as many petrol stations were bled dry! As the threat of disruption to fuel supplies apparently recedes, would they have widespread support?

British democracy only allows taxpayers to change the burden of taxation by voting in a low tax Government. Having snubbed that option in 2005, support for fuel protests should be limited, higher taxes were not unexpected.

Concerns over new sources of revenue if fuel duty were reduced are misplaced. Gordon Brown has already shown he is not averse to increased borrowing. Railway passengers could also start paying more than 50% towards the cost of their journeys rather than relying on car drivers to subsidise them to such an extent.


Serf said...

Good Point

I hope someone points this out to the moaners.

Vote Labour and pay high taxes. Its not difficult to understand is it.

Snafu said...

Serf, if only Conservatives had been the low tax alternative this year!

Anonymous said...

only 25% of people did vote for the gramscian party.

Snafu said...

An Englishman's Castle has a useful definition of "gramscian" here.

It's a new word to me!

Toque said...

Except in England they didn't vote for this Government so action is perfectly valid.