Tuesday, September 27, 2005

IRA arms beyond reach?

How long would "IRA Disarmament" remain if the UDA and UVF started to attack them in the future?

£26m can buy a lot of kit if you have the right contacts.


Gary Monro said...

With the Loyalists still armed and the British Army still patrolling I simply don't believe the IRA disarmed anyway.

There is no credible estimate of the amount of weaponry they started with so how can we know that what was destroyed was all there is?

We can't.

Snafu said...

Gary, I don't believe it either, hence the speech marks around the "IRA disarmament".

As the witnesses were not military experts, how can they verify that weapons have been put beyond use? This is not even the same thing as destroying them, they are simply de-activated. Police on the mainland continue to have problems with weapons that are reactivated.

The IRA are bound to have kept a cache of weapons somewhere that have been "forgotten".