Friday, September 09, 2005

Benefits of Outsourcing

Why did the BBC feel unable to add Tony Blair's comments on the benefits of outsourcing to their report on Indian outsourcing on Thursday?

Is it too controversial for the 'Dear Leader'?


Astolath said...

And this is all quite apart from the fact that it has created big problems in India too. Yes, a lot of the call-centre workers have a raised standard of living, but it's so good that trained doctors and other essential workers are now working in them, to the detriment of their local communities.

It's all down to sheer greed as usual. I worked in a call centre myself many years ago. My job moved to Sunderland because wages in the North East were cheaper. Now companies can pay even less by outsourcing to India and the only real beneficiaries are shareholders.

We lose jobs here, the Indians lose their health professionals and just as a matter of personal experience, the service they provide isn't too clever either. Try a technical support line when you can barely understand the person at the other end!

DocuMaker said...

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