Friday, September 16, 2005

"Not me, Gov."

Pension credits totalling £280m were overpaid between October 2003 and September 2004 due to fraud and error. This should be totally unacceptable, yet the government's pension service has set itself a target of reducing fraud and error by just 20%. Why?

The Government cannot blame the pension credit scheme for being "exceedingly challenging" when it designed the scheme itself!

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Wat Tyler said...

Snafu- As we all know these guys make it up as they go along. Doubtless you've clocked the massive 40% job cuts at the Learning and Skills Council ( ).

Says chief executive Mark Haysom:

"We want to develop new, less bureaucratic and more strategic relationships with partners to ensure better quality and more relevant training for employers and individuals."

Well **** me, Mark, your ******* paper factory was only set up in 2001, so how come nobody thought of this before you hired all those ******* bureaucrats in the first place??? And please don't tell me about the redundancy costs...