Thursday, September 08, 2005

Multicultural Wembley

The BBC asks whether mutli-culturalism is working by focusing on Wembley, where immigrants are now in the majority. They describe it as a "diversity to die for".

However, Police community support officer Bhupen Buch, born in Tanzania, is very off message, "Most of the problems are created by asylum seekers. They spend our tax money on drinking beer. They must go. They must all go!".

Abdul Ghafoor, 40 says that "Many [white, English people] have moved from here, so maybe they do not like to mix". It would appear they are not the only ones, Bhupen describes how he has to break up fights between Tamils and other Sri Lankans, as well as Hindus and Muslims. Do Police classify such fights as racist?

Why aren't "white, English" Liberal Democrat and Labour luvvies moving to Wembley to enjoy the ethnic diversity?

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