Monday, September 12, 2005

BNP outsourcing

It appears that even the British National Party (BNP) recognise the benefits of cheap foreign labour. Their newspaper, The Voice of Freedom, is printed in Slovakia! Why aren't the BNP supporting British printing jobs!?!

How can Police be allowed to sieze the entire September printrun if they are not even sure an offence has been committed? The Police are liasing with the Crown Prosecution Service "to ascertain whether any offences have been committed by the possession and intended distribution of this publication".

Where are the BBC and Guardian journalists to defend the "Freedom of Speech" of BNP journalists!?!


Astolath said...

That's scandalous! They should be printing their filth in Britain - securing British jobs!


Snafu said...

Astolath, it's foreign filth!!

They should still have the right to distribute their filth though.

Why are they not 'appeased' like other extremist groups? If such action was taken against any other group, there would be fears of provoking further extremism!

Mike Cunningham said...

As the BNP, the newspaper's publishers have said, the reasons why they are printed in Europe is because of a campaign of union, police and bullying intimidation against any British printer that is asked to do the work!

While I have very little time for the BNP as a group, I do respect their right to publish and distribute their opinions. It is indeed strange that the consignment was seized at the point of import, and is now being scanned by the C.P.S. to determine if an offence has been committed!

I always believed that, in order to commit an offence such as the distribution of racist literature, the gear has got to be distributed first! Or is this another outcropping of Charles Clarke's brave new world, where we are protected from reading anything which may disturb him or his muslim advisers?

Snafu said...

Mike, thanks for correcting me! I enjoyed the angle though!!

Why were the Police unable to offer the printers protection against intimidation? Do racists not qualify for Police protection!?!

Anonymous said...

They need to start a campaign of bombing civilians.

Only then will they be called a party of peace.

Well it work for Sin Feign and I-Slam.

Rob Read.

Stuart said...

"How can Police be allowed to sieze the entire September printrun if they are not even sure an offence has been committed?"

Blair's stormtroopers are notorious for their fishing trips, raiding homes and seizing computers is the usual favourite. Such behaviour wouldn't be tolerated in a free country, but then, Blair's Britain ISN'T a free country (unless you're a party apparatchik)