Sunday, March 20, 2005

Current Abbey advert

A little off topic but felt it was worthy of comment. Watching TV the other night, I saw the latest Abbey (formerly Abbey national) advert for their cash ISAs. For some reason that escapes me, they have chosen to publicise their product by strapping a chap to a rocket, his mate launches it and he then proceeds to fly around London strapped to this rocket before flying towards the camera. Why anyone would make the connection between this unfortunate circumstance and investing your hard earned money in an Abbey cash ISA is beyond me. Do only stupid people invest in Abbey cash ISAs?

The only thing it reminds me of is the legendary Darwin awards.

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Jon Malcolm said...

I get the idea that Abbey are attempting to rebrand themselves as being 'cool' and attempting to sell their banking as being some sort of trendy lifestyle statement (remember when they put coffee shops in most of their branches?).