Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hope the Tories don't win the election!?!

There isa very good article in The Times today by Matthew Parris "hoping" that the Tories do not win the next election. This may sound odd but, on reflection, may be in the Tories best interests in the longer term!! He puts across quite a convincing argument, that the Tories aren't quite ready for government yet, it could fall over the EU constitution, it's unlikely they would have a significant mandate and the economy and housing markets might continue to drift downwards.

Added to these Tory issues, I would also add that with a significantly reduced majority, Tony Blair would no longer be the electoral asset that he once so clearly was. The hounds of the Labour left would be unleashed in a way that would assure the self destruction of the Labour Government and possibly condemn them to another eighteen years in the political wilderness. Political factions would then build up around likely successors to Tony, preventing any real reform and guaranteeing just more tinkering. Meanwhile, the economy is likely to hit the economic buffers in 2006, putting paid to Gordon "No more boom and bust" Brown's infantile boasting.

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Wat Tyler said...

I agree- excellent Parris article. In fact, after his recent savaging of A Campbell and his Times piece last week on UK e-University, I think he's entering one of his purple patches.

But while I understand his argument that voters need more time to fully comprehend New Labour's mandacity and vacuity, I just can't bear the damage that will be done to Britain.

That's why I'm canvassing for the Stupids.