Sunday, March 20, 2005

Does your vote count?

Tony Blair is happy to promote the idea that we all live in a democracy. Do we really live in a democracy where your vote counts? I really don't believe my vote counts for anything as I do not live in a marginal constituency. All the major parties will be concentrating their resources (quite rightly from their perspective) at the upcoming election in marginal constituencies where every vote really does count. Unfortunately, as I do not live in such a marginal constituency no one will be chasing for my vote. Does this mean I've been disenfranchised?


Mike D said...

Sadly, under our electoral system most of us are disenfranchised. I've been playing with the result predictor at ( As far as I can tell, because of the way the contituency boundaries work, the Tories now need to be nearly 10 per cent ahead of Labour to get a majority. That really is disenfranchisement.

Snafu said...

Wat, you must be right otherwise Labour activists would be complaining about the unfair electoral system!!