Sunday, March 13, 2005

Motorways for lorries only?

The Times reports that the new Traffic Czar wants to see more cars off motorways and using trunk roads more often so that traffic of "economic importance" only uses the motorways.

I have a couple of problems with this:
1) My journey to work is of "economic importance" to me and El Gordo, as he takes a large chunk of tax out of my pay packet each week and again through petroleum and car tax on my way to work too!!
2) Shifting more cars back onto trunk roads rather than the motorway will presumably increase the casualty rate amongst both drivers and pedestrians as motorways are the safest roads in the UK.
3) Can I expect a reduction in my car tax for paying for the M25 widening only to discover it's not available for me to drive on?
4) Will it be better for me to work even further from home so that I am not guilty of getting on at one junction and off at the next junction?
5) Should I adopt Chris Eubank's idea and buy myself a lorry to drive to work - yes, I know it's a silly idea but I'm just highlighting an issue!!
6) Having to pay £1.50 a mile to drive to work will make it cheaper for me to stay at home and claim benefits, way to go!!
7) Frankly, congestion will never be so bad that all the roads ever suffer total and permanent gridlock as commuters will adopt different methods of transportation or move closer to work or find jobs closer to home. Such a common sense approach doesn't have the air of doing anything and so would never be recommended.

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