Thursday, March 10, 2005

House Arrest Bill continues

As the political stakes continue to be raised over the House arrest Bill, I do wish that both Michael Howard and Tony Blair tried to put the political point scoring to one side and do what's best for the country, rather than what's best for their election prospects. Tony Blair is being mischievous when he says the Tories are being soft on terrorists because at this stage, of course, there is no evidence to convict them of being terrorists and only a suspicion!!

I struggle to see why a sunset clause provokes such controversy when all it means as far I'm concerned is that the controversial legislation needs to be revisited in eight months time.

I particularly dislike Tony's continued opposition to a second chamber that dares to reject his policies. I'd prefer it to reject the occasional piece of bad legislation that simply rubber stamp all the bills that are laid at it's door.

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