Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The British Film Industry

Yet another example of good, solid joined up Government. The Government has announced plans for a training board to help budding film-makers pursue their careers. I don't really understand how the Government can claim the credit for this new initiative as the scheme is being funded by a levy on the industry. Why not simply stop the tax subsidies to the film industry and reallocate those funds to training!?! On just one film costing £20m, the initiative would receive £4m of taxpayers money. Would that upset Sir Richard Attenborough who is so keen to endorse Labour!?!

I hope they also learn how to write good scripts if films such as "28 days later" represent the pinnacle of British filmmaking.

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Mark Holland said...

It's Lord Attenborough these days.

This idea sounds like an updated but half baked version of the Cinematograph Act 1927. There's a goode example of what that caused here. Some good some bad.