Thursday, March 03, 2005

Labour supports the middle classes!!

In it's quest for more "consumer choice", Labour's latest wheeze is to give the parents more say in how their childrens' schools are run. Initially, I welcomed this as parents are always assumed to want the best for their children, however, is this always the case?

Why do they think parents are better qualified to know what's best for their children than the educationalists? - I'm not convinced that educationalists do know the right thing, but that's a discussion for another day...

Will increased parent power remove a tier of underperforming educationalists in the system or will this new move create another level of much needed bureaucracy?

This could be great news for middle class parents who presumably value education and may disagree with the liberal education establishment. However, for certain sections of the population, typically poorer and less well educated (Disadvantaged in PC speak), I'm not sure such parents do sufficiently value their childrens education. This is disturbing as the best way of preventing their children from being condemned to a life of poverty similar to theirs is usually through educational attainment or having a talent for football!!

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