Sunday, March 20, 2005

Opportunistic and responding to events?

Seems to me that Tony Blair jumping onto the bandwagon supporting Jamie Oliver's campaign to improve school meals is avoiding the real election issues, economy and the public services, and smacks of opportunism as Labour's general election co-ordinator Alan Milburn might say.


Captain Oates said...

This is a health issue, which is being manipulated into a political issue just before an election - Something which really annoys me. Who's bright idea was it to raise the nation's kids on Chicken nuggets and chips? It's fundamental that kids are introduced to decent food at an early age, especially since there's very little taught in schools today about food and nutrition. These years are very influential and habit forming in a child's life.

Little man, what now?

Hobbes said...

It does smack of those things, yes, but it's a good issue to pick up right now. You can talk Issues all day, but find something the middle-class housewife actually knows and cares about every day, and you've got a campaign goldmine.

Snafu said...

A very good point Hobbes