Monday, March 07, 2005

Better the devil you know

I really don't know what to do in the forthcoming election!! Politicians say that everyone should vote, and yes, I guess they should. However, to me, a vote suggests a positive endorsement of a particular party and I really don't endorse any of the parties!! Labour in Scotland suggest that Labour voters should turn out and vote to avoid the "spectre of Thatcher". Once cast, Labour will then use these votes to say that "The people have spoken and support us", when in actual fact, they may well have voted to prevent a worse alternative. To condemn just Labour is perhaps a little harsh as both the Conservatives and Liberals are guilty of this too.

On any objective basis, Labour should be thrown out of office, however, the alternatives seem no better!! I therefore feel that Britain is condemned to another five years of a tolerable Labour government, the Tories will continue to gaze at their collective navel whiltst trying to understand why they are still unelectable, meanwhile, the Liberals will keep going away and preparing for government.

I'm very tempted to join the apathetic and just not bother, on the basis that none of the parties offer any genuinely bold reforms, my taxes will go up regardless, I'll continue to receive next to nothing in return for them whilst being blamed for the ills of all mankind.


Will said...

I suspect many voters from all parts of the political spectrum have the same problem as you (and me) - a natural inclination towards one party that they currently view as completely useless.

So why not stand yourself? At least you'd have a platform for your own views and be confident that your vote was going to someone you could trust (I hope!).

You'll need 10 electors to sign your nomination papers and 500 quid. Of course you'll get your money back when you get more than 5% of the votes cast :-)

Ken said...

Don't be apathetic, read

This exposes the rise of the nanny state in Britain, and encourages people to resist it.

Snafu said...

Thanks for the comment and link Ken, looks like another good website to add to my links:)

Hobbes said...

The only valid choices I see are: vote Liberal - not because I particularly like them but because I'd like to see them get equal votes to a second party and throw the cat amongst our traditional oppositional government pidgeons - or vote Loony.

And get a badge that says "Don't blame me - I voted Loony."