Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spot the Difference

The Marmite TV ad was banned when six people complained about it. Sixty thousand people complained (actually sixty three thousand!!) about the broadcasting of "Jerry Springer, The Opera" yet the BBC Board of Governors pat themselves on the back saying that all the complainants were wrong saying that the "artistic significance outweighed the offence caused". I didn't watch the show myself but wonder if the BBC will be showing a production of the play banned in Birmingham that would cause offence to Sikhs or any shows that would offend Muslims.

Seems to me that Christians are the victims as the BBC governors can wallow in their "Freedom of expression" defence whilst telling the Christians to "Get stuffed". Of course, they are also safe in the knowledge that their customer base can show no financial disapproval by voting with their feet and shopping elsewhere as that's illegal in the UK.

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Steve said...

The Marmite advert no doubt had more artistic significance.