Saturday, March 26, 2005

Labour Schadenfreude

The Tories should be ashamed of themselves. For a while, there seemed to be a "real" choice in the forthcoming election between big Government and even bigger Government. Such a hope has now been cruelly dashed on the rocks of honesty. A Tory MP, Howard Flight has dared to speak the unspeakable, not about immigration nor gypsy rights but that (shhhh!!) potential for savings in Government expenditure could easily exceed the £35bn of savings identified in the James Committee report. Additional savings were identified yet it was felt that the public could only stomach savings of £35bn being achieved. It's ironic that he should be sacked for being honest as only last week, politicians from across the spectrum were looking for ways of increasing public trust in them

This bout of honesty has now lanced Howard Flight's career and presumably condemned Britain to another five years of tax increases and a big, inefficient Government regardless of whoever is in power. It has now closed down one of the only areas where there was any clear blue water between Labour and the Tories. It has also denied many voters the choice of bigger or smaller Government.

Personally, I also have to question Michael Howard's character to be trusted as Prime Minister, his decision to sack a valued colleague (up until Wednesday) in the face of some Labour jibes smacks of extreme panic rather than leadership. Why didn't he have the strength of character to see out the storm rather than throw Howard Flight to the dogs? Tony wouldn't have done it. Would it have done the Tory election chances any harm if they had said, "Yes, we do want to cut taxes and get more value for the taxpayers pound"? Why let Labour set the agenda on public sector spending and waste?


Anonymous said...

That combined with this has made me seriously doubt my decision to vote for the Tories this time round. I think its clear that anything Tony can do Michael will want to do better.

Snafu said...


At this rate both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will be to the left of Labour. It will simply be a question of who is furthest left...