Sunday, March 13, 2005

Private pupil access to Universities

Were you to believe the Labour Party, the state education system has improved by leaps and bounds since the dark days of Tory misrule, so why do they need to set quotas for the number of state educated pupils at the top Universities in the country?

If a surgeon was about to operate on me, I would feel more comfortable in the knowledge that "despite having attended a private school", they had top grades rather than one who didn't as they had been socially disadvantaged when younger and so could only "do their best" given the circumstances!!


Jaroslav Seifert said...

You raise one side of the affirmative action debate but forget that the entire point of the process is to ensure a level playing field. The imbalance of disadvantage against top schooling is addressed BEFORE the surgeon is taught how to pick up a knife. Both surgeons are taught the same way it's just that one is given easier access to the training because of his disadvantage. There is a point to be made about affirmative action but you've not quite made it.

Snafu said...

Jaroslav, Thank you for the comment. Apologies if I did not make myself clear, but I do not agree with this affirmative action. I am highlighting the point that if Labour educational reforms had been any good, then there should be no need for quotas.
State schools should be as good as private schools. It is unreasonable to "handicap" certain pupils as they went to a private school. Lets' not forget that not all private schools are better than state schools either.