Monday, March 28, 2005

Every postal vote counts

With Richard Mawrey QC's recent description of the present system of postal voting as an "Open invitation to fraud" following allegations against Labour Party activists during last year's local elections in Birmingham. I wonder what is driving the surge in requests for postal votes in Woking, currently at 15,000 compared to 2,356 at the 2001 election. Humfry Malins (the sitting MP) should be starting to ask a few questions and feel a little nervous in this safe Tory seat. Based on the 2001 election turnout, a third of all votes will be postal votes this time and that's discounting the presumed surge in requests for postal votes when the election date is set!!

Update How the 15,000 people know that they will not be able to vote in person is beyond me when the election date has not even been set yet!!

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