Friday, December 08, 2006

Somalia's immigration policy

Does Somalia have a better immigration policy than the UK opposing the return of child rapists?

No doubt "Desperate to remain in the UK" to benefit the UK's economy, "A" raped a young girl at knifepoint within a year of his arrival in the UK in May 1995, yet the Government's duty to protect the public has now cost taxpayers £50,000 in damages as he was held illegally for a further twenty months as repeated attempts to deport him failed. How would naming "A" hamper further Home Office attempts to deport him!?!

If "A" is released in the UK, would Mr Justice Calvert Smith bet a child's life that "A" wouldn't remove an electronic tag? I wouldn't.

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Praguetory said...

These guys are a major problem. Keep shining the light. On a related point, thanks for all your blogging posts in 2006. Happy Christmas and best of luck with the New Year. PT