Friday, December 08, 2006

Labour's not paying

The Times quotes Treasury figures showing that nearly 1.7 million people on low incomes face deductions totalling more than 60p in the pound from their pay.

It is a crazy system where you have people in poorly paid jobs, such as dinner ladies and hotel cleaners, suffering higher effective tax rates than millionaires, who pay 40 per cent higher-rate tax and 1 per cent national insurance at higher income levels - Mike Warburton, senior tax partner in Grant Thornton.

Why is the Labour Party penalising core voters for working rather than rewarding them for hard work? No wonder 5.5m people are economically inactive in the UK. They are the sensible ones!


Bag said...

And as the cost of living gets higher with the introduction of road charging and green taxes more people will be dragged down and sucked into the vortex.

Until it hits critical mass and explodes.

Bring on the revolution.

Ellee said...

Why should we be so prudish about nudity? The Germans are very much into this and I agree that private lives should remain that way.

Snafu said...

Ellee, whilst the story makes great headlines by it's very nature. It seems that the commissioner has been enjoying naturist romps with his chief of staff rather than his wife!

Snafu said...

Bags, the revolution won't be long at this rate!