Friday, December 29, 2006

Labour's not educating

Who does Labour MP Karen Buck blame for the education of her son if it's so bad that she has been forced to move him from a failing City Academy to a leading local Comprehensive school?

Does she feel guilty that other parents might not be able to move their children?

At least Karen can be praised for not sending her son to a private school!


Ellee said...

I always maintain that after a good loving home, a good education is the next priority for a child so I can understand how this MP felt, but it is a damning verdict for Labour's flagship academies. They should certainly not be shown favours in moving schools, all MPs should use these public facilities instead of private, otherwise they will have no idea what they are really like for the ordinary man in the street.

Snafu said...

Ellee, I totally agree with those priorities for any parent. However, any school that is not good enough for an MP's child should not be good enough for anyone else's child either.

MPs are wholly responsible for the state of education in this country. They should not be allowed to pontificate on the subject when they can use their influence and wealth to buy an education for their children that is denied to the children of parents on more modest incomes who they supposedly represent!