Sunday, December 03, 2006

Community Care killers

On average, one person a week dies at the hands of a mentally ill patient.

Almost a third of the killings were by people judged to have been of "low risk".

Is it acceptable that two thirds of the killings are by people judged to be "medium" or "high risk"!?!

Would mental health staff make different decisions if their family or friends were murdered by "low risk" patients?

Who will be the unfortunate person who dies at the hands of a mentally ill patient this week?


Anonymous said...

The law should be changed so that those responsible for allowing dangerous individuals to be released back into society are accountable if anything goes wrong. Maybe then, these do gooders would think twice before making their stupid decisions

Snafu said...

Anonymous, it's veryu difficult to disagree with such a statement. I am sure it would focus their minds wonderfully especially when they are "desensitised" to such risks.

darkbhudda said...

My sister is a single mum in council housing in Australia. They have "integrated" council housing. So all the mentally deranged people are not segregated from the non psychotic people.

There is a guy who walks around the flats all day with an axe and threatens people.

But hey, let's make sure he doesn't feel left out, so put him with the kiddies.

Nice place to raise a 2 year old.