Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The mother of all "People Panels"

Tony Blair has called for "people's panels" to help push through key public service reforms.

He wants 617 of them to represent people's interests throughout the country. They will be selected at General elections with the representative with the most votes winning the seat. The victors will be called MPs.

The panels will discuss issues such as government plans to influence lifestyles and healthy living.

All 100 panel members will take part in a "summit" a month later, which will also be attended by junior ministers and civil servants

They will discuss what "support and encouragement" the state can give to help to improve people's "life chances and well-being" - in particular such as "behavioural factors" as smoking and poor diet.


stuart said...

"people's panels" Doesn't he mean 'peasants and workers soviets?!?

Snafu said...

Stuart, good point! "All power to the soviets"!

Man in a shed said...

Isn't this state funded political research ?